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    Shandong DengFeng  Flour Machinery Co.,Ltd. (Shandong Flour Machinery Plant) is a professional production of food processing complete sets of equipment comprehensive enterprise, has received national-level new product "dragon" Award, the country hundreds of millions of rural consumers "reliable product" designation, With 50 years of experience in food processing machines, is the design, production, manufacture and sales of an integrated company.
    Company is located in the central and southern Shandong Province, west of Surabaya economic and technological industries, west historical and cultural city Qufu, according to the North Bukak Mountains, east coastal tourist city of Rizhao. Yanshi railway, the ridong speed, 327 National Road running through the territory of Surabaya, the transportation is very convenient.
Companies leading products "Dengfeng" brand flour processing complete sets of equipment have been formed six series, more than 30 products, complete sets of equipment used penthouse Mill (or unilateral grinding), high Fangping screen, Purifier, Des Voeux The impact of loose powder, a sieve, sieve, classification and grading, has a long road powder light of the new inquiry fine grinding milling technology, production special powder, flour and Special Flour. Can be dealt with on the orders of wheat milling equipment 60-200 t/24h complete turnkey projects, in recent years and have developed the corn, rice husks, graphite, pepper and stone milling equipment, the best-selling products in more than 20 , Municipalities and autonomous regions. And exported to Eastern Europe, CIS, Mongolia, South Korea, Africa and other countries and regions. 
     Shandong DengFeng Flour Machinery Co.,Ltd. for its unique design, sophisticated equipment, advanced-grain and milling technology, all sectors of the community to meet the different needs, allowing you to fierce competition in the market, buy a set of products, accounting for one market And laying out a brilliant.

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